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Scala Rider PackTalk Duo


Powered by Dual‐Core Bluetooth® and Dynamic Meshwork Communication (DMC®) Technology, the PACKTALK inaugurates a new generation in Motorcycle Riders Communication.

As a world's first, the scala rider PACKTALK offers group riders (i.e. between three to ten riders) a unique and unprecedented communication experience. Thanks to auto-adaptive DMCTM technology*, multiple riders will now communicate in a fluid virtual network and remain connected where Bluetooth would have instantly cut off. In DMC mode, each rider acts as an autonomous hub that maintains simultaneous and distinct communication with everyone in the group, even after one or more riders venture out of range or drop off for any reason. Now everyone can ride freely, randomly overtake each other or even drop off and seamlessly re-join without causing a breakdown of communication to the other riders. The compelling empowerment derived from DMC technology, becomes apparent even among as few as three riders. For the first time, small and large group riders will now experience a perfect synthesis  between togetherness and freedom.

Offering the best of all worlds, the new scala rider PACKTALK incorporates dual-core Bluetooth and DMCTM communication technologies with both working simultaneously and in a mutually complementary manner. All of the high-end features in Cardo's existing top-of-the-line scala rider products - such as voice controlled operation and more - plus a number of expanded capabilities, such as full operability from smartphones (Apple® and Android® compatible), are also incorporated in the scala rider PACKTALK.